At Kasradze IP Law Firm, our team is comprised of passionate individuals dedicated to protecting and maximizing the value of your intellectual property. With diverse backgrounds in law, technology, and business, we bring a wealth of expertise to every client engagement.

Our team of seasoned attorneys specializes in intellectual property law, offering comprehensive services, including in patents, trademarks, copyright, and IPR enforcement. They are committed to safeguarding your innovations and creative works.

From physics to biotechnology, our specialists possess deep industry knowledge to navigate the complexities of intellectual property protection in diverse fields.

Together, we are committed to empowering innovators, creators, and businesses to thrive in a competitive marketplace by leveraging the power of intellectual property. Get to know us and discover how we can help protect and maximize the value of your IP assets.

Irakli Kasradze
Founder and Managing Partner
Kasradze IP Law Firm