Irakli Kasradze

Irakli Kasradze

Founder and managing partner of Kasradze IP Law Firm.

He was born in Tbilisi (Georgia) in 1985 and studied Law at Iv. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University. Additionally, he completed a master’s programme in Intellectual Property Law at Turin University.

Irakli began his Intellectual Property career in 2007, initially as a lawyer before assuming managerial roles at the Georgian National Intellectual Property Center Sakpatenti.
During his work at Sakpatenti, he contributed extensively to determining and implementing Georgia’s State IP Policy, as well as to the legislative process in the field of IP.

Irakli represented Georgia on international platforms and participated in working groups negotiating IP chapters in free-trade agreements with the EU, EFTA, and China.

He also served as the Chairman of WIPO Advisory Committee of Enforcement (ACE).

He has vast experience in project management and coordination with WIPO, EUIPO and other international and regional organizations.

Additionally, since 2018, Irakli has been a tutor at the WIPO Academy. He has been a member of the Georgian Bar Association since 2007.

Irakli advises clients on IP matters. He has gained extensive and diverse experience in developing and managing IP portfolios, as well as in IP enforcement and litigation.

His mother tongue is Georgian and he is fully proficient in English and in Russian.

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