Our firm offers a comprehensive suite of services in the field of Plant and Animal Breeder’s Rights (PBR). From initial consultation and application drafting to representation before the Georgian IP office Sakpatenti, we handle all aspects of securing and enforcing PBR.

Our team comprises patent attorneys and specialists with diverse technical and legal backgrounds, many of whom possess over 30 years of expertise across public and private sectors. They bring extensive experience working with prominent Georgian and global plant and animal breeding companies.

Securing PBR rights protection ensures the exclusive rights of your company to plant and animal breeds, safeguarding them from unauthorized use. This legal safeguard not only prevents infringement but also empowers your company to gain a competitive advantage in the market.

Areas of expertise

  • Registrability/Prior art search
  • Drafting of a New Plant or Animal Breed application
  • Granting of PBR
  • Filing of an international application
  • Ensuring Freedom to Operate
  • Defending and enforcing your PBR
  • Exploiting your PBR rights
Kasradze IP Law Firm